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The Tenacity of Nicholas Assef

October 23, 2021

When Nicholas Assef founded Lincoln Crowne & Company Pty. Limited, it was because of his strong desire to lead a very important investment firm for clients interested in the Australian and South East Asian markets. To date, he has certainly succeeded with that mission.

Nick Assef currently serves as Lincoln Crowne’s Executive Director and Senior Analyst, where he demonstrates the skills and the knowledge he developed through his more than 20 years’ experience in such diverse financial areas as mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and much more to make his clients very happy. With wide range of experiences in the corporate world, the legal profession and even the world of higher education, Nick has become a shrewd negotiator that many have described as “tenacious.” His favorite thing to do during any negotiation or while giving clients advice is to apply “game theory” because he hopes to secure the best possible outcome for his client. After all, his clients don’t hire a firm like Lincoln Crowne to get ordinary outcomes or to get basic services. They want to receive advice and counsel that is something special.