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Nick Assef Loves To Help His Clients Make More Money

July 19, 2018

The firm founded by Nick Assef, Lincoln Crowne and Company, does its thing based on a promise they feature prominently on their website. He and his firm promise to provide clients with “Business solutions with a focus on maximising shareholder value.” That is a principle Nick Assef has always carried and it’s a major reason so many of his clients appreciate his talents. Nick’s negotiating style is cutting edge. For example, he is quite fond of innovations like using strategies that are based on "game theory." He tends to use whichever strategies and tactics provide clients with the best results.

Nick Assef firmly believes that giving clients far more than “basic” deal making expertise is essential to a successful career as an investment advisor. Nick’s firm is considered one of the elite investment firms in the Australian and South East Asian markets, as well as the rest of the world. Nick Assef has a knack for thinking outside the box and his firm takes after him. Combined with deep commercial and financial judgment, the result is clear independent advice that benefits all their clients. Clients only hire a firm like Lincoln Crowne and Company to achieve a desired outcome; they don’t just want the same quality investment advice they can get anywhere.